BREEZY art. 3283700

3.290,00 RSD


Light line –

is made from special materials that are waterproof, tested for harmful substances, and easy to maintain. These materials result from the most advanced technological processes, recognized worldwide under the unique name of EVA materials. Ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible, they are an ideal solution for long standing and walking.


EU/USDužina stopala (cm)
36/522,6 - 23,2
37/623,3 - 23,9
38/724,0 - 24,4
39/824,5 - 25,2
40/925,3 - 25,8
41/1025,9 - 26,2
42/1126,3 - 27,3
Navedeni opseg dužina odnosi se na potrebnu dužinu stopala za navedeni broj.

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37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42


4,2 cm

Due to specific GRUBIN anatomical foot bed, it is necessary to pay close attention to choosing the right size of footwear. In order to feel all the advantages ofanatomical footwear, the foot must rest nicely on the anatomical sole. While choosing the right size it is required that you follow the next rules:

1. Toes should not touch the edge of the stepping surface and the heel should not stand on the edge of the foot bed

2. There should be a few millimeters free space around toes and heel.

3. Toes need to have little free space to move inside the footwear.

4. Please note that any shortage in the foot bed width cannot be compensated by taking a larger number. On the contrary. This can only cause problems. Therefore, when choosing the right size, in addition to appropriate length. attention must also be paid to the width of the foot bed. Not only must the foot not touch the front and the back edge, it also must not lean anywhere on the edge of the foot bed.